0564 UltraGirl Immobilized

14:51 video

The Binder is in the middle of robbing a house when UltraGirl lands outside. She walks into the house and confronts The Binder. He runs away from her. UltraGirl steps into the doorway where he is trying to escape. She used her ultra-speed to get in front of him. The Binder turns and runs the other way. She again uses her super powers to block his exit. Then The Binder turns around and immediately bumps into UltraGirl who grabs him by the neck and lifts him up. "I'm taking you in." UltraGirl says and then throws him to the ground. UltraGirl steps on his chest with her boot and stands with her hands on her hips, triumphant over The Binder. The Binder pulls out a syringe and injects her in her ankle with a XXXX. "What did you do to me?" Ultragirl asks as she staggers back. "Just a little something to neutralize you” he replies. UltraGirl staggers some more. "I'm ... I'm ... I'm ... getting ... stiff. I ... I ... can't ... m ..." With that, UltraGirl freezes in place, the paralyzing effect of the XXXX taking effect. The Binder taunts UltraGirl as she is frozen in place. He moves her into different positions while she is helpless to stop him. After a couple minutes UltraGirl feels her mouth starting to unstiffen. She struggles to say "When I get free from this, you will pay". The Binder brings out a white rag and as UltraGirl is still frozen he puts her to XXXX while she is still standing up. The Binder opens her eyelids and fondles her to make sure she is out. He comments "Well, that XXXX didn’t last very long." He then removes her power belt and says "We'll have to find a more permanent way to keep you as my trophy." He picks up her frozen body and carries her out.

UltraGirl is now completely naked and chained down on the ground at The Binder’s hideout. Her costume is neatly folded off to the side, her power belt just out of reach. She wakes up and notices that there is an oily substance on her legs and feet. The Binder walks in with that substance in a mason jar and a paint brush. UltraGirl says "What are you doing?" He doesn't respond and pours more oil on her body, brushing it occasionally to spread it evenly. UltraGirl struggles furiously "You won't get away with this! What is this!?" The Binder finally answers "This polymer is a little more permanent that that XXXX I gave you. Once it hardens, you'll become my own personal trophy!" UltraGirl continues to struggle as The Binder continues to oil her up. He particularly takes pleasure in brushing her crotch and her breasts. Soon UltraGirl's legs begin to stiffen and her struggles become less and less. Once he reaches her neck The Binder leaves UltraGirl while the polymer finishes taking effect. She struggles less and less until her body "hardens." She is only free to move her head and face. The Binder comes back in and unchains UltraGirl and she is frozen in that position. "One last application to the face and you should be stiff enough for me to work on the backside.” Ultragirl says "Good will always triumph over evil. I will get out of this and when I do, I'm taking you in!" "Good night UltraGirl!" The Binder moves to pour the oil over UltraGirl's face as the camera fades out. Next we see UltraGirl is still naked but now face down in the same position she was frozen in. He moves UltraGirl's body with her arms down her side and her legs together. The rest of this scene is just The Binder oiling down the back of her body. Once he's done, he admires his handiwork and says "I'll get you set back up once you're completely dry".

Now The Binder is admiring UltraGirl as she is now re-dressed in her costume minus her power belt. She is standing and smiling frozen in her superheroine pose. The Binder runs his fingers up and down UltraGirl's body as she is helpless to stop him. He thumps her on the breasts to test the hardness of the polymer. Then he does the same thing with her butt. Each time, UltraGirl is frozen and doesn't flinch or change expression. He then says "That should be strong enough where this won't even matter." He puts UltraGirl's power belt back on her and she doesn't react or move. She's still smiling and frozen. The Binder laughs as he leaves the room. "You're mine forever UltraGirl!" The camera pans up and down and all around UltraGirl's frozen body. The scene ends with a zoom in on one of UltraGirl's hands and we see UltraGirl's pinky slightly move…

*This clip was a CUSTOM VIDEO commission

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